Buy our new CD by Manic Depression Records

We have made a contract with a famous French label, Manic Depression Records, who will distribute our new album “Thorns” abroad.

Výsměch? is part of compilaton "33 GOTH BANDS YOU SHOULD KNOW part II"

With pleasure we announce that our title song “Thorns” was selected for the prestige compilation "33 GOTH BANDS YOU SHOULD KNOW part II". It was released on Friday 13th by the label, Gothic Music Records. You can listen it here.

Gothic Music Records: "Compiled by Gothic Rock Magazine crew and as another Oskar Terramortis‘s idea we spread the word on our social media, the compilation was released on January 24th by Gothic Music Records, 33 GOTH BANDS YOU SHOULD KNOW has now more than 5000 downloads. The idea was to make these series of compilations to show all the people there’s more bands to discover, bands from the new decade, new millennium."

Live video

Půda, Chupacabra and Mickey Mouse!
Thanks fans and Doctor Photo & Video for the video!

Our new video clip Thorns!

Výsměch? present new song and a clip and CD

Výsměch? have completed brand new material. They will soon issue the debut album "Thorns" with Cecek Records label. The CD booklet photos have been created by the famous artist and photographer Veronika Šrek Bromová. You can order it now at info at vysmech.com mail. The release party will take place on October 10, 2015, where else than at home at Půda . Again, you can look forward to a brand new clip, again from the experienced hands of editor Štěpán Jílek. You can get an idea of ​​their debut sound by trying the first track of the CD on their bandzone.cz profile. Listen HERE
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