New single Abused

Our new single is part of the popular compilation!

Lands of Kafka, golem or Elisabeth Bathory present their dark/goth music manifesto for the second time!
Anthology “Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves Vol·II” introduces the selection of the most interesting current projects from the dark heart of Europe.

New Videoclip & Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves SANCTUARY.CZ

The Track "We Can’t Escape" produced in the compilation "Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves" by SANCTUARY.CZ in December 2017 is becoming the third Videoclip of the band Výsměch? made by Štěpán Jílek. All takes are from his solo trip through the wild nature and cites from Mexico to Canada.

This song and this compilation of the best tracks of the Czech and Slovak dark scene can be found here. We wish you pleasant listening.

Bleib Moder (DE) + Výsměch?

BLEIB MODERN-post punk z Německa -https://bleibmodern.bandcamp.com/
VÝSMĚCH? -gothic punk- http://bandzone.cz/vysmech

Andromeda Draco

Výsměch? had a premiere of their remake of my song Sand Castle at their latest concert. Their remake of the song will be on my upcoming album Nocturnal Butterfly! It sounds awesome! I hope you'll enjoy it too.
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